May beauty favourites

This month I have been absolutely loving some new products which I have tried. I often find myself sticking to the same, old, boring routine. But, this month I have decided to mix it up a bit! 

In the skincare category: my absolute favourite cleanser is the NIP+FAB deep cleansing fix. This beautiful creation has a fragrance of eucalyptus which is really refreshing on your face. I have been using this cleansing cream for a couple of weeks now and it has left my skin feeling soft and clean. My skin generally is normal and I am not prone to spots, but it has still reduced the amount of blackheads which is great! I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone with normal- dry skin. Also, the price is totally reasonable: it was around £8!

 (Available from Boots & Superdrug UK stores)  

I am a lover and wearer of make up and I do not think I could live without it! So when it comes to the makeup category I am super picky. But, my first product in this category has got to be the Naked 2 palette. I received this for my birthday at the start of this month. And I have worn it nearly every day since: to school; to work; or socialising. I think the colours in this palette are neutral an pretty for spring. There is a gold theme running in the palette compared with the Naked 3 palette ( which has more pink tones). Before getting the Naked 2 palette I was not a big eye shadow wearer and I only really use to wear it for parties or special occasions but the Naked 2 palette has totally transformed me! However, the price is slightly off putting for an eyeshadow palette. It is expensive, but I definitely think if you will wear it everyday, that it is worth the money. The retail price in the UK is around £38.  

(Available from Uraban Decay stands or stores)

My second makeup favourite for May is defiantly the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer. I love this product because I am not a heavy user of foundation- I rarely use it. So this product is an essential for me! The product itself is what it says on the tin. It doesn’t give full coverage due to it being a mousturizer – so I wouldn’t reccomend it to you if you like a full looking coverage. Instead this product gives the skin a glow and hydrates the it. The product is also SPF 15 which is useful for summer as you don’t need to worry too much about sun cream on your face (although you do need sun cream, it is an essential!). Another highlight for the product is that it feels light on the face. Generally, when I wear foundation my face feels heavy and cake like. But, with the Bobbi Brown tint, that problem is completely eliminated. The price is slightly expensive from the Bobbi Brown stands and shops, it retails at around £29.

 (Available in John Lewis and Bobbi Bobbi Brown stalls) – (Shade pictured: Alabaster)

Finally, a fragrance I have been absolutely loving (since like forever) is the Jimmy Choo Eau Du Parfum. I have worn this perfume for around 2 years on and off and I still love it! It is a sweet fragrance which is not floral – I find it hard to describe smells, I’m sorry :). It is strong so I wouldn’t reccomend to anyone who likes subtle smells. I wear this perfume nearly every day and I get compliments because “It smells good”. I personally believe this is the best Jimmy Choo fragrance. There is several other products such as: Flash & Blossom. I will defiantly continue using this scent through summer! The price is around £48 for 60ml.

 (Available in Superdug and Boots UK stores) 

I hope that you enjoyed reading my May beauty favourites! I am a huge fan of beauty and make up and I am pushing myself to venture out and try new products! 

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