How to deal with bad friendships

Falling out with your friends can put a huge downer on your life. Especially if you have to face them in school every day! Everyone has had their fair share of friendship problems and arguments but most the time – let’s be honest – they are over something and nothing and within a couple of weeks everything is good again. But, for those situations where you seem to fall out about the same thing, all the time, that’s when it’s bad. 

From past experiences myself I believe that when you have the right friends you can be truly happy. If you are around negative people all the time it is just not healthy. Having those two-faced relationships can really take a toll on you. 

3 top tips for when you are choosing friends:

  1. Make sure you have similar morals: when you have similar morals to your desired friend, you will share similar opinions on cultural and social issues which will make life a whole lot easier.
  2. Be sure you have interests in common: if you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about your relationship will soon fizzle out and become awkward.
  3. See how they act with other people: people can be two-faced and fake and you need to be sure you haven’t befriended one of them; observe their behaviour around others and how they act with you whilst with different people.

Here is a useful quote which I found helpful whilst in the midst of friendship problems.


“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be” 

Totally. Studies show that from the 5 people you spend most time with you adopt some of their traits, bad or good. Be sure to have friends with ambitions, dreams, aims and goals in their lives. 

“How you want to feel”

If you are being treated badly in a friendship, or constantly feeling picked on its time to get out of it. Those constant digs you keep getting are only lowering your self confidence. Being in a friendship where you feel unhappy will reflect badly on your life, you will be miserable and quite likely have a worse social life.

“Energies are contagious”

Very true. If someone is acting badly towards you or around you, you become susceptible to this bad behaviour which will have a negative effect on your life – get rid of the negative relationships if they are doing you no good.

I know being in a unhappy friendship can be tricky to get out of. You try and kid yourself: “it will get better soon”, “oh it’s just a phase”. No. Believe me, I have told myself that tens of times and if that person isn’t willing to change or make the effort, it is really not worth holding on to that relationship. I know it can be scary to get out of a bitchy friendship sometimes but you have to believe that it is for your own good! There are definitely plenty of lovely people out there for you to befriend.

I hope this helps somewhat, thanks for reading! 🙂 

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