Outfit of the day: brunch with the family

Today I went out for brunch with my Mum, Sister and Grandma, it was lovely! I thought I would share my outfit with you for the day. 

I was going for a light, spring inspired look – even though the British weather is hardly representative of that… 

My jacket is from Zara, it costs £59.99, I love this jacket as it is light and easy to carry. It also has pockets which are always useful! The length is just right as I’m not exactly tall. 

The blouse I am wearing is from Forever 21, i got it a while ago so i don’t think it’s on sale anymore. I originally got this blouse for my works experience but i actually love wearing it as it’s not too smart and I can easily pair it with anything.

My jeans are from Levi, they are amazing! I love them because they are so wearable and withstand just about anything. They cost me around £40, I wear them so often so they’re defiantly worth the money.

The bag is my favourite bag that I own, it’s a black Michael Kors bucket bag- it is so easy to carry and I literally throw anything in.

Finally, my shoes which I am wearing are from Office. They are white loafer style pumps. I find these easy to wear and they go with literally everything. They cost me £20 – totally great value.

Also, I didn’t wear any jewellery today as I had to rush getting ready. I would usually wear gold with this outfit as my blouse has the gold buttons and my bag has gold embellishments. 

Thank you for reading 🙂 

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