The best skincare products – for all the different skin types

Whether your a teenager or not, your skin can be a problem, and finding the right products to look after your skin is often a big task. There’s is tonnes of adverts telling you that their product is the best and you need to buy it otherwise you will become wrinkly… That is most defiantly not true. 

Everyone has different types of skin and finding the right product for your skin type is essential in order to keep your skin in good condition. I know this task is daunting and a large one so, have done some research for you guys!

Oily skin:

Firstly, we have the Clinique dramatic different moisturising gel. This product is renowned for its oily skin wonders. It is recommended by various magazines and was featured in the Marie Clare’s best 10 oily skin products. This gel is £17.50 and available from Clinique. It has recieved reviews around 4+ – 5 stars online.  

Next up is a product which I am sure you have heard of. The Clean and Clear oil absorbing pads. They are a great way to rid yourself of oil on your skin when out and about. Many great bloggers have been know to carry these around in their handbags. The oil absorbing pads aren’t that widely available in the UK, so I found you could buy them on Amazon for around £13. I’d say this is a great product if you suffer from oily skin! 

Finally in the oily category, is the St Ives blemish fighting apricot scrub. I own this product myself and I can say that it does work wonders. The apricot in the product is suppose to fight oily skin and clear blemishes. The product is a exfoliant so it rids your skin of dead cells and leaves it feeling smooth and soft – who doesn’t want that? The scrub is available for £4.19 at Boots in the UK. The brand also boats the title of the “UK’s No1 scrub product”.


Dry skin:

First up in the dry skin category is the Aveeno skin relief lotion. I love this lotion – if you read my post Beauty products I’m loving at the moment then you will already know about this product. If you have irritable and dry skin then I would highly reccomend this product it’s pay formula is natural and kind to skin (no harsh chemicals). It is relieving and holds moisture for 24 hours! This product is £5.45 at Boots in UK stores. 


Next up is the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturiser. This moisturiser is recommended by so many people. It is an antioxidant so is great for your skin; it’s also a gentle exfoliant with hydrating qualities so it will leave your skin feeling soft. This product is available from John Lewis for £34. The Hope in a Jar is also recommended by Oprah! It is on her 100 favourite things list and boasts that she has been using it for more than 10 years!

Finally, I have the Clinique intense moisture surge fortifying hydrator – I know, it sounds just as good as it really is. This product is oil free which also technically makes it great for oily skin too! However this product is great for dry skin as it targets the right areas. I have this moisturiser myself and whenever I get dry skin around my nose area I apply this cream and the dryness is gone within a couple of days. This product is reccomend we by Marie Clare – which makes it even more the better. This cream costs you £32 from Clinique.

Normal skin:

A great product for keeping normal skin is the Nip&Fab deep cleansing fix (this features in my May Beauty favourites post. This cleanser is great for removing make up or generally washing your face with. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. The product contains eucalyptus so is very calming. Rated 4+ stars from Boots this product is obviously living up to its reputation. It costs £7.95 from Boots UK stores. 

Next is the Liz Earle naturally active instant boost skin tonic. I own this product too and I can definatley reccomend it. Some toners leave your skin feeling sticky and cakey but this one certain let doesnt. The product is designed to give your skin an uplift – it’s definatley does. So if your skin is looking for a little bit of a boost then this product is for you! It costs £14.50 from Liz Earle counters. 

Finally, in the normal skin category is the Body Shop tea tree skin clearing lotion. This product is made for fighting blemishes but even when you have none i find that this product makes your skin look healthier. Tea tree is really good for spots and blemishes on your skin so this product is spot on – see what I did there :). But seriously if you don’t own dry or oily skin and you need to rid yourself of any blemishes this is the product for you! It costs a tiny £3 from the Body Shop! This product is also a best seller at the Body Shop.

Spot & Blemish prone skin:

This is an easy category to choose because who’s skin doesn’t just suprise them with a lovely spot now and then? 

The first product is form Clean and Clear. It’s the Advantage spot treatment gel. Now, a few of my friends have this product and whenever I stay them and my skin breaks out I use a bit of this gel and the spot is gone the next day. Clean and Clear is renowned for its brilliant products targeted at teens but anyone, any age should have this in their make up bag if you are prone to the odd spot now and then. The product costs £4.39 from Boots UK stores.

Next up is the Witch naturally clear redness relief anti blemish lotion. I own this product personally and I would just like to express how many times it has saved my dignity 🙂 When I get red patches or blemishes on my face my automatic reaction is to use this product. It is a green paste which counteracts the redness on your skin. It is also very soothing if your skin is irritable. I would defiantly purchase this if you get red skin a lot. It costs £6.99 and is available on Amazon. 

Finally the last product is the Origins super spot remover. This product is a speedy gel that quickens up the process of breakouts. It is reccomended by Instyle UK for being one of the best spot products. The gel contains caffeine and red algae to relieve the redness of the spots and blemishes; It costs £15 from Origins counters. So, If you hate waiting for breakouts to finish or have a busy day to day life then I would reccomend this product for you. 

There it is: your essential skin care products for whatever your skin type. Having the right product for your skin can make your busy life a whole lot easier, especially if you always seem to be rushing in a morning or to get ready! I hope my guide has helped you 🙂
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