Top 10 style icons of 2015

There is plenty of fashionable celebs out there who are always being photographed and pictures wearing styles. Looking in magazines thinking, who’s style do I like, who’s style is fashionable, and who should I look up to? Well, all the celebrities probably recieve some style advice from a professional stylist who’s job it is to keep their finger on the fashion pulse. But, the way that the celebrities put their outfits together and make the whole catwalk to street transformation is the important thing. It is how the celebrities incorporate the trends into their everyday lives and jobs, that is what I’m going to look at! Before we start, it was so hard to choose just 10 of these celebs as they all look great! I have narrowed the category of fashionista down to just 10 women; I worked on the basis of who has the most style and trend and who’s outfits were the most wearable. 

Number one: 

Ellie Fanning

At just 17, Ellie is already a blossoming style icon. She wears a lot of bold colours; this has lead her to be captured by the paparazzi a lot on the street. She has already recieved Young Hollywood Actress of the year, she is one to watch! 

Number two:


Zendeya started her career off on Disney channel songs the likes of Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus to look up to. Zendeya is very stylish and is finding her way in the fashion world. Somehow she always seems to get it right on the red carpet! 


Number three:

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa has always rocked the boho style. She looks effortlessly fabulous whenever she is captured by the paparazzi on the streets. She is always bang on trend with the latest styles. Vanessa has blossomed in the fashion world ever since her roles in High School Musical!

Number four:

Kendall Jenner

Miss Jenner is renowned for her beautiful looks and supermodel body. She is deeply involved with the fashion world as her career is constantly keeping her informed. She also has some pretty trendy sisters to keep her on top form. Kendall has an expensive taste in clothes, she often wears designer clothing. Her style is casual but smart, she likes pairing different textures together: a combo she wears a lot is leather and denim.

Number five:

Rosie Huntington- Whitley

Another super model who looks flawless off the catwalk as well as on. Rosie has a smart style and is never seen in her sweats. She often wears Blazers to smarten up casual outfits and still looks amazing! Rosie also must have very trendy underwear as she has her own lingere line at Marks and Spencer’s!

Number six:

Kylie Jenner

Kendall has competition as her younger sister Kylie is also an upcoming style icon! Kylie has a soft grunge style, she sports a lot of black and grey which are very flattering on her. Kylie also loves designer shoes, she is often seen wearing her Balmain boots. 


Number seven:

Taylor Swift

The amazingly talented Taylor Swift also has a great sense is style, as well as voice. Taylor is photographed a lot wearing two pieces of patterned dresses. Taylor has a sense of pop and prep about her style, she wears a lot of color which always looks fab! Taylor’s country girl style is evolved from cowgirl boots to loboutin heels whilst she has been a singer!

Number eight:

Olivia Palermo

This fabulous lady was featured in my blog post: Style Icon: Olivia Palermo. She looks flawless no matter what she wears. She is always right on trend and has the latest styles. She loves to wear colour and pattern which is very flattering. Olivia is a socialite so is always in the spotlight. The pressure is on her to look good and it certainly pays off! 

Number nine:

Gigi Hadid

When Gigi isn’t on the catwalk she is being photographed on the streets of New York meeting friends or going out for dinner. She always seems to wear the right thing to these events. She has an amazing figure and all the outfits she wears are easily pulled off. Gigi wears a lot of monochrome: a favourite of hers is the black leather jacket. Gigi is another one to watch!

Number ten:

Nicole Richie

Finally, Nicole Richie is another style icon who is always bang on trend. She can rock so many different styles and look amazing! Nicole is always wearing the latest trends whenever she is photographed. Her busy lifestyle as a fashion designer and mother means that she needs to get around fast running or driving: she can definatley do that, in heels! Nicole is always stylish and her outfits are always perfect! 

There we have it! The biggest fashion icons of 2015. All these style icons are women, mainly because I haven’t been keeping my eye on the men’s trends this year. That is something I definatley need to look into. I haven’t ever really looked at men’s fashion mainly because I don’t wear it but some of the styles and colour combos are really great!

Thank you for reading! 
Copyright © 2015 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.


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