Foodie alert: My favourite Summer dessert

 Summer is a time for fabulous food and sugar, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love an ice lolly here and there? But, this desert has taken ice lolly to the next level. I’m all for eating healthy but desserts are definatley my weakness.

I love fruit, but when you are faced with the choice of strawberries or sticky toffee pudding I think most of us would go for the slightly sugary option. So when I went out for an evening meal recently I chose to pick the less sugary option! And, surprisingly it was divine.


The dessert I chose was the Poached Pear with a blood Orange sorbet and Violet syrup. Not only does it sound fabulous, but it also rates fabulous too! The Pear was cooked to perfection, the sorbet was refreshing and the violet sauce provided a sauce of sweetness. 

I chose this dessert mainly because it sounded so different. I also really love violet it tastes amazing and it really isn’t used that much in restaurants. I am also a huge fan of sorbet so this desert was  a great choice for me 🙂

There dish looked so cute in the kitch pan with it was served in which made it even more attractive. I will definatley be getting this desert again next time!

If you want to make this delicious dessert at home and taste it for yourself then here is the recipe:



2 blood oranges

80g (5oz) lump sugar

juice of 1/3 lemon


1 Pear


4 strawberries 


2 ounces white sugar

1/4 cup of boiling water 

1 cup of violet flowers

Garnish with mint leaf and icing sugar.

I hope you enjoy this desert if you do make it! It is absoloutley perfect to have on a warm, sunny day with friends! And I’m pretty sure your guests will be impressed with your cooking skills if you can pull this dessert off!

The links will tell you the method of how to prepare and make each part of the dessert, I also converted the measurements of the ingredients in order for you to create 1 desert so if you are going to make this desert for more than one don’t forget to multiply the measurements! 

Thanks for reading and happy eating 🙂
Copyright © 2015 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.


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