Beauty top tips: keeping your make up in place

As Summer is upon us, I felt it was nessecary to give you my top tips on keeping your face looking fab when really you’re really sweating buckets. 

There’s tonnes of products out there telling you that your make up will stay on for 24 hours when you use it, or that the foundation doesn’t come off. Is it just me or… Why would you need a foundation that lasted 24 hours? Unless your planning on applying your makeup 7am, working all day, partying all night – with the same face of make up – and then finally being ready to take off your makeup 7am the next morning, it seems a little ridiculous. Not to mention these products can be pricey, so choose wisely.


My first top tip is moisturise: every morning wether or not you apply make up you need to moisturise. If your face has a base layer of cream – moisturiser does the trick – then your make up will set better and appear more even, not to mention it will last longer. Primers also keep your make up on for longer but are generally used for heavy duty make up and partying. So unless your going for the drag queen make up look then all you need is a good moisturiser. 


Next up, I suggest wearing multiple layers of a light foundation. If you want your coverage to last all day your going to need a couple of layers. However, every girl knows it’s not wise to apply wads of foundation because you can end up looking like a birthday cake. If you use a light foundation such as Nars – All day luminous weightless foundation, then your face will look natural, and will stay that way. Another option is a tinted moisturiser, you could apply multiple layers of tinted moisturiser instead of a light foundation. I reccomend Bobbi Brown – tinted moisturiser. 

Furthermore, powder is always a great option for keeping your make up in place. Matte or mineral, powder binds your make up to your face. If you use a matte powder it will eliminate the look of sweat and fluster as your face won’t be shiny. If you choose to use a mineral, you will look more natural and glowing. A great powder to use over the top of your make up is Mac – mineralise skin finish. So many bloggers love this powder and it receives great reviews so if you want a glowing look over your makeup then I would reccomend this. However, if you are seeking a more matte look then I reccomend the Collection – lasting perfection loose powder. I use this powder and I apply it over the top of my make up on my T zone every day. It always does a great job and it lasts for a long time!


If you want the airbrushed look which will last you all day, then I reccomend you use a pore filler. Lord fillers are a great way to look photoshopped in real life. They give your face an even surface and block out any craters or pores. You apply the filler and then apply make up: similar to a primer. However, when using a pore filler be sure to remove your make up thoroughly because pore filler will linger and clog up your pores if not removed, which will lead to very unpleasant spots. A pore filler which I reccomend has got to be the Benefit – Porefessional. It is reasonably priced and does a great job!


Finally, my last tip is: setting spray. Setting spray is used by make up artists to keep make up in place for events. It is a great way to keep your make up in place and not have to worry about topping up. One common mistake made by people is that hairspray can be used as setting spray. Let’s be clear, hairpsray is designed to stick your hair in place and it contains harsh chemicals which are bad for your skin. Using hairspray as a setting spray can cause spots and even rashes so I wouldn’t reccomend using a hairspray to keep your make up in place. Instead, use a professional available product such as the Urban Decay – All nighters setting spray. This product is totally professional and designed for your face. It keeps your make up in place and does the job, hence the name ‘All nighter’.

There we have it, my top tips for keeping your make up in place this summer. Be careful which products you buy, you don’t want to waste money on products which don’t do the job. I’m sure you will all be looking fabulous this summer!

Thanks for reading 🙂 
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