Life update: DofE

Hey guys, 

Sorry I haven’t uploaded recently! I have been so busy with prom and DofE! I will be putting a post up about my prom outfit soon and all the bits surrounding it 🙂 

For the past 4 days I have been without wifi *cries*, camping *cries* and hiking up mountains *cries*. Not to mention: eating dehydrated food out of a packet, yum! I was completing my silver DofE award. 

For those of you who don’t know what DofE is; it is an award called the Duke Of Edinburgh. It involves surviving in the countryside for your self. You have to walk for 7 hours a day and carry all your supplies. Supplies meaning: tent, food, stove, sleeping bag, sleeping may, clothes, etc…

Although I was walking with some of my very best friends, the stress still put us under a lot of pressure and cause a teeny bit of tension. But, it’s all good because when we finished the 45k or whatever it was, I got an ice cream. And, it was probably the most well deserved ice cream I have ever had. 

For those of you who do know what DofE is and the struggle, you will understand my pain when I say your legs can’t walk up hills forever. I genuinely felt as if my legs were about to buckle underneath me. Also, not to mention the beastly sweat I broke. A bonus is that I probably burned off all the chocolate I ate! 

Anyway, the trip was a success overall and  caught plenty of great photos! I have inserted them below so, enjoy! 


I completed my expedition in the Lake District. The towns I walked through were: Coniston and Ambleside (mostly).

Thank you for reading!

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