Eyebrows: Find your perfect shape!

Eyebrows frame the face, therefore it is essential that your eyebrows fit your face! Most people find the thought of sorting their own eyebrows out as daunting, but with the right tips it can be easy! 

There are 5 main different face shape categories, which all need different features to frame the face: the eyebrows being a main one of those features. If your eyebrows are the wrong shape for your face, they can end up looking fake or even worse: sluggish.

Follow my top tips for the perfectly fitted eyebrows to suit your face shape! 

If you have an Oval face shape: I suggest going for a flatter eyebrow with a low arch. There should be a slight arch in the brow. If the arch is too big the face can end up looking longer. A medium thickness of the brow will make the face look balanced.

3 top tips:

1. A small arch in the brow

2. Medium thickness of the brow 

3. Fade the eyebrows in on the inside

Alex’s Chung (below) is getting her eyebrows spot on. They are the perfect shape for her face and balance the features out. They also don’t stand out too much. 

 If you have a long face shape: I suggest a flatter brow with no arch. The archness brow will make the face look balanced. Creating an arch may make the face look longer. Thicker brows will also make the face look less long.
3 top tips:

1. No/ Little arch in the brow

2. Thicker brows 

3. Pointed ends of the brows

Megan Fox is also another talented brow specialist; she has a great shape for her eyebrows. They are not massively arched and they aren’t too thick either.
If you have a heart shaped face: go for a small arch in the middle of the brow. The arch in the middle will accentuate the heart shape in your face and will give it a sense of central point. The brows should be medium thickness.

3 top tips:

1. Arch the brow in the middle

2. Medium thickness of the brow

3. The inside of the eyebrow should have a faded square end

Kourtney Kardashian is a prime example of perfect eyebrows. Her brows are arched in the middle and they are also blended perfectly, they have a faded square end which creates a gentle effect as your face is very soft looking.


For those of you out there with a square shaped face: you should be aiming for thicker eyebrows which have a larger arch. The large arch will give your face length; balancing out the squareness of your chin. The thickness will also make your face appear longer. 

3 top tips:

1. Thick eyebrows (natural looking thick)

2. Large arch in the brow

3. Pointed end of the brow

Olivia Wilde has a good eyebrow going on. She has a large arch in her eyebrows. Olivia goes for a thicker eyebrow also which helps accentuate her eyes.

Finally, for those round faced shaped people out there: I reccomend a medium thickness brow with a high arch in the middle of the brow. The high arch will help make your face appear longer.the brow should also fade inwards from above the bridge of your nose. Your eyebrows should start from above the inside corner of your eye. 

3 top tips:

1. Medium thickness brow 

2. Large arch in the brow

3. Gently fade the brow inwards

Mila Kunis has a great eyebrow shape for a round face shaped woman. By creating a high arch in her brow she can wear a smoky eye higher up. The higher brow creates the illusion of a longer face. 

So, with that: I give you your perfect eyebrows! I wish you luck! I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed reading! 🙂 
Copyright © 2015 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.



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