Outfit of the day: A Summer’s day

Today was surprisingly a pleasant, sunny day in the UK. It was a day for sunnies and shorts! The weather has been pretty unpredicatble the past couple of days, so I bought that whilst it was sunny I would make the most of it.
My outfit today was very pink and flowery. I was going for a printed look. I also wanted to create a summe look that wasn’t just a plain tee and denim cut offs.  
I wore a flower playsuit which I absoloutley love because it is so comfy! My playsuit is from Forever 21, I got it last year so I am not entirely sure wether they will have in stock. My blazer is one of my absolute favourites, it is from Zara and is just amazing. It is so easy to throw on and it looks great as it neatens up any outfit! My shoes are also from Forever 21, I love them because they are open toe but they don’t show too much. I don’t really like open toe shoes because I hate painting my toenails but it’s all worth it when they look good I guess. The accessories I wore today were silver because they matched my sunglasses, which are from Forever 21 (as you can probably tell, I love forever 21) my cuff bracelet is a present I was given so I am not sure where it is from. My ring is from Pandora and I love it. It is tiny silver flowers which i think is adorable. 

I also have my hair in corn rows as my best friend is amazing at hair and she was practising her corn rows. My hairstyle fefinatley reminds me of when I was a little kid and getting my hair braided on holiday! 
Round up:

Sunglasses: Forever 21
Cuff: unknown
Ring: Pandora
Blazer: Zara
Playsuit: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21

So that is all! Thank you for reading and I hope my outfit has given you some inspiration! 🙂
Copyright © 2015 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.



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