Style up your office!

When your’re working in a confined environment for the majority of the day, you want that confined environment to be nice. Working offices tend to be white, black and glass. It’s nice, but boring. Adding a few touches to spruce up your office will really improve your mood when you face the working day! 

Painting your office walls and wallpapering is probably a no no but adding a few touches here and there will really make a difference to the appearance of your office! Especially if your adding colour. Colour which is placed in a black and white environment stands out and makes the room ‘pop’. 

I have put together 10 mood boards and decor ideas for stylish offices.

1. The Feminine Boss office

This office space is beautiful; I love the touches of pink as it really warms up the environment. The pink also pulls the black and white colours together, making the room seem really put together and stylish! The touches of gold also give a sense of glamour. By adding some feature lamps into your office or wicker baskets full of colourful books could be an alteration you may make.

Lamps –

Rug –

Sofa –

2. The Glamour Puss’ office


This office is spectacular! The mix of gold frames and geometric shapes really adds an architectural feel to this office. The white desks and furniture also gives illusion of a bigger room. To incorporate this feel into your office you may want to add a gold framed stool or patterned cushions. 

Gold stand –

Cushion –

Lamp –

Stool –

Curtains –

3.  The Retro Kitch office

This office has a real shed feel to it. It looks very retro and rustic. It would definatley not be out of place in New York! The red, yellow, and orange colours bring out the cream tones in the furniture. The yellow chair makes a real statement! To switch your office up and make it more retro, you could add some bold coloured paper trays or maybe even go for a coloured office chair!

Chair –

Lights –

Tray –

Planner board –

4. The Fashionista’s office

This office is by far my favourite. It is simple yet full of life! The magazine cut outs in the pin board really make a big difference and that part of the decor is free! Adding a stack of fashion books or stack of coloured boxes can liven up your desk.

Pin board –

Vase –

Photograph –

Books –

5.  The Mademoiselle’s office 

This office is so Blair Waldorf; the peonies say it all. However this office has a real French theme running through it. The decor is vintage and looks very glamorous. To transfer a spot of French beauty to your office you could add a fancy lamp or a vase of colourful peonies, maybe even some black and white photos of film stars.

Stool –

Lamps –

Photos –

6.  The Homely office

This office has a warm welcome presence about it. The colours used in this office: Browns and turquoise make it a real relaxing space to work in. The plants also act as a frame around the desk making it look neat and tidy. To create a relaxing office space maybe add plants to your desk or even larger plants behind your desk. Maybe even try adding a brown chair instead of your old black one?

Chair –

Lamp –

Wallpaper –

Cup –

7.  The Artist’s Boudoir office

This office sings luxury, the vintage black desk and chair are a bold statement in this purple and fushcia touched room. The gerberas on the desk are a bold statement which helps to add colour to the black furnishings. The boldly coloured silk curtains are also a lift to the heavy black colour. If you like the look of this office you could try adding bold coloured fabrics to your office: maybe curtains or even upholstered chairs. 

Chair –

Lamp –

Painting –

Curtain –

8.  The Trendy Girl’s office

This office is another of my favourites; the colours that are used work so well together and the natural lighting in this office is amazing! I wouldn’t mind working in there! The gold lights add a sense of glamour and luxury to the office and the white furnishings make the room seem even bigger. The rug adds a sense of luxury to the office also. To inject this feel into your office maybe try adding a small fur rug or a gold lamp.

Lights –

Chair –

Rug –

Notepad –

9.  The Modern Monochrome office

This office is styled around the colours black, white, and orange. Making a room from black and white, then adding a bold colour makes a huge statement: it screams stylish. This office is easy to create as the furniture is basic, but the simplicity of this office is what makes it look so neat and put together. If you want your office to be modelled around this then I suggest adding a vase and paper trays, maybe even stationary in one colour, e.g. Orange.

Chair –

Lamp –

White tray –

Orange trays –

Book –

Photo frame –

10.  The Organised yet Beautiful office

This office is another of my favourites. It has a lot of personality about it. It also features a bold colour: Orange. The bold colour makes the office seem more stylish and gives it more character. Again, this office features plants which make it more homely. There is plenty of storage in this room, the colourful boxes and paper storage systems are a great way of adding personality. The pin board also gives a sense of creativity to this room. If you want this look then I suggest buying bold coloured storage boxes or a pin board which you can put notes on or even pin up magazine cut outs.

Lamp –

Boxes –

Pin board –

I hope that this article has inspired you to style up your office and I also hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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  1. Just caught up on your postings – this piece is innovative, informative and fun! Excellent. Keep writing. Mx

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