What jeans could you be wearing?

Everyone has their favourite pair of jeans, I know I do! But, are you forever wearing the same style? Jeans are such an easy item of clothing to pair with things. They go with nearly everything and they are comfy! However, wearing the same old jeans every day is a bit of a cheat… Maybe it’s time for you to mix up your denim wearing habits a bit! Here is my advice on the styles of jeans and how you could wear them!

Flared jeans:

If you have a straight body shape, and you don’t have big curves then I suggest wearing jeans with a flare at the end to give the body some more shape. Flares are bang on trend and they can look stunning when worn with the right outfit!


Skinny jeans:

If you have an hourglass body shape and you have curves then I suggest trying skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will accentuate your curves! Adding in other shapes when you are already showing your own can detract from the simplicity of your own hourglass shape. 

Boyfriend jeans:

If you have a pear body shape and have larger thighs then I suggest wearing boyfriend cut jeans. The straight shape of the boyfriend jeans will help balance out the body. The boyfriend jeans are effortlessly stylish and can be rocked easily! You could even try ripped boyfriend jeans for a more chic look! 

Bootcut jeans:

Bootcut jeans are the holy grail of jeans: they are the originals. Bootcut jeans are great because they show shape but they don’t singe in too tight. If you have an apple body shape then I suggest wearing these bootcut jeans. The subtle flares at the ends will gently balance out your body, but still show the shape of your legs. 

Straight leg jeans:

Straight leg jeans are classy and trendy. They are easy to wear and look fab! If you are small then I suggest trying these jeans. They make your legs look longer and more streamlined. Wearing straight leg jeans will give you the illusion of being more tall, you could also pair the jeans with boots with a kitten heel to appear taller.

All jeans are great to wear as they are always stylish and comfy. Don’t get me wrong anyone can wear any style of jeans, and the style icons of today show the world that. My tips may encourage you to try a new style of Jean you had never thought about sporting. I reccomend switching up your jeans, don’t just stick to one style! 

I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading 🙂

Copyright © 2015 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.


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