The handbag of the moment!

A handbag trend which I have spotted is popular at the moment is the Celiné nano luggage tote. Many celebs, such as Kendall Jenner, have been sporting this bag in their street style outfits. I love this nano luggage tote because it is so tiny! It looks amazing with any outfit and it is so useful. Sometimes carrying a huge bucket bag around everywhere is unnessecary and just hard work. Using a small handbag is a great habit to push yourself into: it means you only carry around what you need! It also gives you an excuse to refuse to carry anyone else’s rubbish in your bag! 

Some of the celebs that can be seen rocking the nano tote trend are:

Amanda Seyfried 


Kendall Jenner


Kylie Jenner


Willow Smith 


Rosie Huntington-Whitley


Nikki Hilton 


Vanessa Hudgens 

 Ashley Tisdale

 Emma Roberts

Leslie Mann

The Celiné nano tote is currently retailing at $2700 – around £1800. This is a large sum for such a small bag. The Celiné mini luggage tote retails at £2000 – around $3000. Personally, I think that the nano tote should be cheaper. However, it is made from calfskin with a lambskin lining. 

All of these celebrities look fantastic with their nano luggage totes! But, if you aren’t willing to splash out large amounts of money for this Celiné bag, then why not try a similar style? Here I have found a Celiné nano luggage tote dupe for a much more affordable price:

This bag is available from

It retails at $39.95, down from $54.99!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

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