Top 5 café’s: NYC

Hi guys,

So I’m in New York on holiday and I have found so many amazing café’s to eat at! There is such a wide variety of places to eat at, it makes it hard to choose! So, I have put together a list of café’s which I have enjoyed the most.

1. The Butchers Daughter

19 Kenmare St, New York

I loved the atmosphere in the Butcher’s Daughter. It was busy and bustling but entertaining at the same time. There set out is lovely also, the interior is very urban and botanical which gives it a modern vibe. As the Butcher’s daughter is a juice bar I ordered a mango and coconut smoothie, it was amazing! The pricing however was on the steeper side which is something I thought let it down; a smoothie was $9!

2.  The Mercer Kitchen

99 Prince Street, New York

The Mercer Kitchen was lovely, it had a great setting and the food was fab! However, it was quite expensive! A latte was $7 which is slightly off putting. The place had a more peaceful atmosphere and the interior was very clean and modern. I enjoyed sitting on the ground floor looking at the streets of Soho. There is a kitchen and bar area in the basement which is more lively. 

3. Bluestone Lane Café

55 Greenwhich Avenue, New York

Bluestone Lane was a great little coffee shop! The atmosphere at Bluestone lane was relaxed and calm. I believe it was set up by Australians so there is a very laid back vibe. I had avocado toast and an iced latte which was very tasty. The food was fresh and the coffee was just right. The staff at bluestone lane were also friendly and helpful, it was pleasant! The pricing wasn’t too steep, I recall it was around $4 for an iced latte, not bad for New York!

4. Jack’s Wife Freida

224 Lafayette St, New York

Jack’s wife Freida was one of my favourites. The food was amazing and the location was great as there was not too many tourists. I had a berry waffle with natural Greek yoghurt. I also had the pleasure of trying the latté; which was very tasty. The waffle was also delicious the berries were fresh and the waffle was just cooked right. The pricing wasn’t too steep. I recall it was around $4 for a latté, similar to that of the prices in New York. 

5. Eately

200 5th Avenue, New York 

I loved Eately, it was such a great experience. It was almost as if I had walked into an Italian market. I ate at the pizza and pasta section, as I love pasta! There is various sections from which you can choose from, some of the sections are: Fish, cheese, pizza and pasta, and wine. The pricing was on the expensive side but it was so worth it! The pizza I got was around $15. You can going to Eately just for ice cream or a coffee as there is a Gelataria! The atmosphere was busy and lively, it is a great place to people watch!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! I certainly enjoyed writing about it! I love New York!

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