Style icon: Lupita Nyong’o

Ever since the amazing performance that Lupita played in the iconic film ’12 years a slave’ and receiving her first golden globe award, Miss Nyong’o has stunned the press, public and other celebrities with her beautiful dress choices at the award evenings. Ranging from pastel blue to firey Orange, Lupita has worn it all. The dresses which Lupita has worn has most definatley made her a style icon. 

Lupita always looks elegant and classy when on the red carpet. She oozes confidence; this is because of the way she carries herself, she always appears calm and collected. Her outfits of choice also help her look the stunning part. Lupita can pretty much carry off any colour. In particular she wears bold colours that suit her skin tone. 


One of my favourite colours on Lupita is emerald green. The colour is beautiful on her, it suits her down to the ground! Emerald green is also set to be a huge colour for the upcoming seasons of autumn and winter! 

Whatever dress Lupita is photographed or seen in, she always looks fabulous! She is definatley one of the rising stars to watch on the red carpet! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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