Must have nail varnishes for Autumn

If you are like me and always like to have your nails looking nice, then nail varnish is an absoloute must. The colder weather is coming and the leaves are changing colour, and everyone’s wardrobes contain knitwear and wooly scarfs. Autumnal colours for nails are always gorgeous they flatter any skin tone and they always go with everything! Below are some must have nail colours for the upcoming autumn and winter months.

Butter (Bit Faker) – £12

I am utterly in love with this nail colour at the minute. I am wearing  this colour as I write this post. I’m not usually a fan of glitter polish as they are the bain of my life when trying to remove. However, this has to be an exception as it is the prettiest glitter polish I have ever seen! It has copper tones to it and almost appears rose gold- perfect for the autumnal weather. The consistency of this nail varnish is fab, it is lovely and thick and you only need a couple of layers for it to look professional. I am all for this nail varnish and it is well worth an investment!

Revlon (Queen of Hearts) – £6.99

This is another of my all time favourite nail varnish colours. Red is an all year round, timeless colour which every woman should have. This particular red colour is deep and almost has a plum tinge. It looks totally proffessional when on. When wearing this colour I have had people ask me “Where did you get your nails done?” – compliment or what?! This is a great buy from a drugstore brand and I would definatley get your hands on this. It can even be worn as a Christmas colour (talk about value for money). 

Chanel (Particulière) – £18

I know what your thinking… Chanel, pricey, no way. But before you make that decision let me tell you that this nail varnish is ever lasting. It never seems to go down. This colour is timeless, a brown is very classy and can be paired with any outfit. The consistency of the nail varnish is thick and you only need two layers for it to look gel-like. If you are looking for a good quality nail varnish that will last a while then I would definatley reccomend Chanel as they are a great investment and you won’t be disappointed!

Nailsinc (Primrose Hill Lane) – £15

Grey is definatley a Autumn/Winter colour- it always look stylish and subtle. Nailsinc polishes are great quality polishes that give a beautiful finish. Also, gel effect nail polishes give a proffessional look without the proffessional beautician! I would definatley reccomend buying a grey nail colour it will be a staple colour in your wardrobe this season!

Illamasqua (Fusion Khaki Gold Glitter) – £14.50

Khaki green is always all over the high streets at this time of year and why have a whole wardrobe full of khaki green and not have a khaki nail colour. Illamasqua is a great brand for nail varnish- it is always great quality and gives a luxurious texture. I personally love the thickness of the varnish, it definatley looks proffessional. 

I hope this has given you some nail inspiration! Thanks for reading 🙂
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