The handbag of the moment: Saint Laurent – nano sac de jour

I am a massive fan of nano totes, they are adorable and always prevent you from carrying around unnessecary junk in your handbag. I particularly love nano totes that are minature versions of large famous bags – such as the sac de jour! 

Recently a huge number of celebrities have been sporting the Saint Laurent sac de jour nano, so I thought it was about time I wrote about this beauty.

The nano sac de jour retails at £1,325 in the UK Saint Laurent stores. This is a pricey baby bag! The bags dimensions are  8.6 X 7.0 X 4.3, just the right size to fit your purse, keys and phone in! The standard colours are: Black; Lipstick red; Lipstick pink; Royal blue; Lipstick fushcia; pale blush. 

(Pictures from YSL website)

Some of the celebrities who love the nano sac de jour

Kendall Jenner  
Kylie Jenner


Bella Hadid

I am totally in love with this handbag: I think it is a great size, it looks amazing, it is clean cut, minimalist, and neat. It is durable, and available in a whole host of colours. I definatley want one!


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