A DIY Christmas garland

Everyone loves a bit of arts and crafts, especially when it comes to Christmas arts and crafts! It is so much more efficient and economic to make your own Christmas decorations rather than buying brand new decorations each year!

This year, I decided I would give garland a go. I came across an old pile of scrap fabrics which were sat unused in the cupboard. It came to me that all these fabrics were neutral tones or earthy green tones: perfect combo for a stylish Christmas decoration!I had a couple of Christmas tree stencils left over from last year so I decided to put them to good use. I drew the shape of the stencil onto the scraps of fabric: I did around 6 trees per square piece of fabric.

I then cut each tree out, this bit was the most boring but I could see everything shaping up which was satisfying!

When I had a large pile of minature fabric Christmas trees I got my needle and thread ready. I needed a reliable sharp but thick needle because I wanted to use a thick cotton as the garland string so the needle hole needed to be generous.
Once I had my needle and thread ready I laid out my trees in the colour or pattern order I wanted.
I then took the needle and thread and tied a knot in the end of the string which used one end of thread. I made sure the know was big enough and then poked the needle through the very middle of the first tree. I started by poking the needle through the back so the knot wouldn’t be visible, then I came through to the front. 


I pushed the tree along to the end of the thread and continued to do the same to the next tree. I repeated this process whilst leaving gaps between the trees of about 4cm. You can adjust the distance between the trees at the end so it isn’t too important how you distance them.

When all my trees were on my string I tied a knot in the end of then string and my garland was done! 

You can easily hand the garland up with blue tac of small pins. It looks super cute and totally stylish! 

The whole thing took me around 45 minutes, it was definatley worth it and it looks great!

Thanks for reading! 

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