My favourite Winter drinks

Winter and Christmas is my favourite time of year, and the food and drinks make it even better. 

This year in particular I have been drinking a lot of the same winter drink which has definitely  become my favourite! And that drink is, the Hot Mulled Grape from Starbucks. It is basically a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine. It tastes and smells of Christmas to me; it has dried orange in and cinnamon sticks in which makes it smell even more amazing! 

 (Hot Mulled Grape – Starbucks)
Another one of my favourite Winter drinks is the Gingerbread latte. The Gingerbread tastes like regular latte with a hint of Christmas, it is quite sweet also. I love this drink because it smells amazing too and it definitely gets you into the Christmas spirit! You can pretty much get gingerbread lattes from any coffee shop, I reccomend Starbucks! 

  (Gingerbread latte – Starbucks)


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