A short trip to Amsterdam

Recently I have been on a short trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam because of its beauty! It is a small city with traditional Dutch canal houses along the sides of canals. There are many bridges connecting everyone in the city. And, the bikes… There is so many! Everyone seems to own one. And it doesn’t matter what condition it is in! I saw plenty of rusty old bikes that made a rickety noise when being cycled along the cobbled paths. 

As it is February, and I am in Europe, it was, let’s just say, a tad chilly. In fact, it was 0 degrees for the majority of the time. On one day there was even a little snow! 

However I did find that I love Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city architecturally, but also culturally. I love how everyone is so busy and always on their way to somewhere on their bike! 

I did take a few photos when I was there (how could I resist?) so here are some photos of my trip: 

(The fault in our stars bench!)



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