Heatless curls

We all know that using heat on our hair can damage it. But, sometimes there isn’t many ways around not using heat to get curls. Don’t get me wrong, I love to curl my hair with a wand but sometimes when I don’t have much time or my hair is feeling a little on the dry side, I like to use a different technique.

I start off by washing my hair, I leave it to dry slightly until it is damp all over. 

I then apply my detangler to the bottom half of my hair and brush my hair right the way through. I use the John masters Organic’s detangler which I got in My Birchbox.

After brushing my hair, I apply a prep and protect spray. Again the product I use, I got in My Birchbox. It is the High Performance Hair Care prep and protect spray.

I then apply a curls and waves mousse to my hair which helps to hold and form the curls. I use the shockwaves curls and waves mousse (3 strength) 

Next, I plait my hair. Instead of using a traditional 3 strand plait I do a fishtail because it gives a more curly effect.

Here is how to fishtail:

1. Divide your hair into two sections creating a partain down the middle of your head.

2. Once the hair is in two sections, tie up one side to get it out of the way. 

3. In your first section: divide he hair into 2.

4. Take a strand from one side and take it around the back of its section to join the opposite strand.

5. Repeat this movement on the other strand taking a small peice to the opposite strand of hair. 

6. Continue this movement until you reach near to the end of the hair. Turns bobble at the end of the plait.

Taking one stand of hair to the other side.

Repeat this on the other side of the head.

You should then have two plait that look similar to this.

I then sleep with the plaits in and leave them to dry overnight.

The plaits may fall out slightly overnight and may end up looking something like this. Yes, the struggle of having layers is real!

When the plaits are near to dry or completely dry: take them out.

Once both the plaits are out. I then hairspray the curls. I scrunch them up a little to give a bit of bounce to the curls. I use the Pantene pro v perfect volume hairspray (hold level 5).

If you want you can comb through the curls lightly to tone them down and separate the hair, but I tend not to.  
Your end result should look similar to this! 

I love this technique because it is totally healthy for your hair and there is no heat required. It also saves time curling your hair with a wand! 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

Happy plaiting! 
Copyright © 2016 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.



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