A short trip to London

This week I visited London for the day. I absoloutley love London: there is no other place like it! It has the city feel but its not all built from glass, which the majority of cities are. I also love the shops and restaurants there. 

As my trip was only for the day, I didn’t manage to fit in millions of things. However, I did manage to fit in a bit of shopping and eating. Although, the shopping and food was fabulous, I did enjoy walking around. It wasn’t as busy as it is usually when I visit in summer which was nice! 

I took some pictures whilst I was there (oh, what a surprise!) here are some of my favourites:



Jimmy Choo.





Louis Vuitton.

There was plenty of flash cars parked up.

Old Bond Street is one of my favourite places! All of the designer shops are fabulous to look at. 

  There was a Rolling Stones exhibition on at the Saatchi gallery, so I decided to take full advantage of the decor.  
Spring flowers were everywhere! 

  The prettiest street in Chelsea! I absoloutley loved the painted houses. It smelt amazing also, due to the Penhaligons store at the end of the road! 
The macaroons from Laduree are amazing. I got the Cherry Blossom flavour and a tea flavour which I can’t quite remember the name of!


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