Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial

Kendall Jenner is renowned for having flawless makeup and model features. I tried to recreate her undoubtably most famous makeup look: the red lip. 

I love the Kardashian’s makeup. They always have amazing contoured faces and huge fluttery lashes. The Kardashian’s obviously have highly trained and refined makeup artists so there is no way I will be near that standard. I have just found a “sort of easy” way to recreate the Kendall look.

Here it is:

I started off with a bare face. I made sure it was clean and ready to paint with makeup. Although. My eyebrows are done in this picture, I already had filled my eyebrows in with the Anastasia brow pomade.

Next up I used primer to prepare my face for the base makeup. I used the Benefit Porefessional. 

Next up I took to my trusty tinted moisturiser. Kendall’s makeup never looks cakey so to make sure I didn’t look like a Victoria sponge I opted for the lighter option of a tinted moisturiser. The tinted moisturiser by Bobbi Brown doesn’t give a large amount of coverage but it always leaves a great finish. 

Next up with the Bobbi Brown foundation blending brush I put the base coat on.

I then took to my trusty Collection Lasting perfection to add to the coverage. I find that this concealer lasts me ages and always does a brilliant job. I applied the concealer in 2 large triangles under my eyes, around that base of my nose, and alone the bridge of my nose.

On top of my concealer, before blending, I like to add a liquid highlighter to give my face some glow. This technique is called strobing when only a highlighter is used. I used the Benefit High Beam highlighter. I put the liquid on top of the triangles under my eyes and between my eyebrows in an upside down triangle shape. I also put some liquid along the bridge of my nose. 

The result of mixing the two together is this:

Next up I blended the mixture together with a beauty blender sponge.

I then used my Helen E foundation skin smoother palette to contour. This is suppose to be the colour of my skin tone. I am a pale British citizen who does unfortunately not have beautiful olive tan skin. I did however find a good use for the product which is to contour. I took my Bobbi Brown foundation brush again to draw a half moon shape on my forehead, two triangles on my cheeks just under my cheekbones and alone my jawline. I also drew two thin lines along the sides of my nose to give the appearance of a slimmer nose.

I then blended this with my beauty blender.

I added to my contour with a powder bronzer. I used a Nars Steven Klein palette which has various colours in. 

I then bronzed my cheekbones with the Laguna Bronzer in the Nars palette. I used my Nars Kabuki brush to do this. I followed the same shapes which I drew with the liquid bronzer. 

A little tip which I will share is to pull your hair backwards and the skin upwards on your face so you can see where your cheekbones are, that’s only if you need to. 

You have makeup on without a little blusher. So, using my Real Techniques blush brush, I used he dusky rose pink colour for my cheeks. This colour is also in the Nars palette. 

After adding a touch of pink to my cheeks, I added a glimmer of powder highlight. Kendall always looks glowing so lots of highlighter is essential. I used the Revolution Highlighting palette. I used the champagne colour as it compliments my skin tone. Adding the powder on top of the liquid highlighter by Benefit makes the highlight stand out more.

I used my fan brush from Elf Cosmetics to highlight. This brush is super cheap and absoloutley amazing! I highlighted the top of my cheekbone and the bridge of my nose. I also like to highlight between my eyebrows and slighting onto my forehead.

After making myself look glowing, my eyes were in need of a bit of glamour. I used my Naked 2 palette for this job. Underneath my powder shadow, I added a base of cream eyeshadow. I like to create a base for the powder to stick to and the Topshop cream metallic eye shadows seem to do this job seamlessly. 

I rubbed  the gold colour on my eyelid.

On top of this gold colour I added a shimmery cream colour called “bootycall”. To apply this I used my Real Techniques eyeshadow brush. I then added eyeryones favourite brown onto my crease: “busted”. I used circle motions to ensure blending occurred. I worked my way out of the crease ever so slightly to give my eyes a more rounded effect, similar to Kendall’s. In the corners of my eyes i added a touch of “copper” because in Kendall’s eye makeup she has a coppery corner of her eye. 

Next, I added my eyelashes. I recently invested in some new false eyelashes because my older pairs were getting lonely as I only seemed to have one each. Oops! I decided to buy the Eyelure Fleur DeForce eyelashes which are great because they are 3/4 length instead of full length. I always find eyelashes to be too long and I don’t like trimming them in case they become too small. 

I applied the eyelashes with the glue provided in the pack. I used my tweezers to apply for ease. Fiddling around with tiny eyelashes with your fingers is never a good idea so I would always reccomend using tweezers. When applying the lashes, add a layer of glue along the black ridge. Then wait for 20-30 seconds before applying to prevent the eyelashes slipping around your eye lids. 

Next up I used a kohl pencil liner to add a little more smoke to my eyes. I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner.

Once you have down this, it should look something like this:

To just make the eyelashes more dramatic like Kendall’s, I added some mascara over the top of my eyelashes. I used the Charlotte Tilbury full fat lashes mascara.

After adding the mascara it should look something like this:

Finally to add the famous touch to the Kendall look: lipstick. I used the Chanel rouge allure velvet lipstick. I love this lipstick. I was gifted it by a friend on my birthday which was extremely generous! And ever since getting it I have loved it, it is a lovely texture and goes on nicely. 

After applying the lipstick, if you’d like you could add a setting spray. 

The final look should in some way resemble Kendall’s famous red lip look! This look is great for an evening out or an event.

Here is the final look on myself:


Primer: Porefessional Benefit

Tinted moisturiser: Bobbi Brown

Concealer: Collection lasting perfection

Contour: Helen E skin smoother palette

Powder contour: Laguna Bronzer Nars

Blusher: Steven Klein palette rose pink

Highlighter: Revolution champagne colour


base lid: gold cream colour Topshop

lid: bootycall Naked 2 Urban Decay

crease: busted Naked 2 Urban Decay

Eyelashes: Eyelure Fleur De Force

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes kohl liner black 

Mascara: Full fat lashes Charlotte Tilbury


Foundation brush: Bobbi Brown

Sponge: Beauty blender

Bronzer: Nars Kabuki

Blusher: Real techniques blush brush

Highlighter fan brush: Elf

Eyeshadow: Real Techniques eyeshadow brush

I love this look and I will definitely be recreating it!

Have fun playing with the look! 

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Copyright ยฉ 2016 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial

  1. The finished product is gorgeous! Love the lashes and I’ve never seen anyone apply liquid highlighter under their eyes, just on their cheecks , nose etc. It’s cool that we all have our own way of doing it๐Ÿ˜Šx

      1. I’m sure it works wonders! My issue is under eye creasing๐Ÿ˜ฃ im only 16 but as soon as my concealer and powder go on I look 60๐Ÿ˜‚ on the hunt for a really thin but good coverage concealer and powder that doesn’t emphasise my fine lines๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•

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