Holiday: Venice

A week or so ago I fell in love with the city of Venice. It’s narrow canals and low bridges dressed with love padlocks or blooming flowers drew me straight in. I arrived in the amazing city via water taxi which may arguably have been my favourite moment of the whole trip. There was a real James Bond feel about pulling up outside your hotel in a speed boat. 

The city itself was beautiful, although, I have to say, I did prefer the quieter areas over St Mark’s Square. Some of the highlights of my trip were: Visiting the Peggy Guggenheim museum; sitting in an illuminated St Mark’s Square at night; and the quirky Architecture Bienial. There was a constant bustle to the main tourist areas of Venice: the Grand Canal was a motorway but for boats of all shapes and sizes. The steps into St Mark’s Square were the parking spaces for the hundreds of gondalas!

There was such a vast array of places to eat. We tried to sample as many as we could in the short time we were there. I could have, however, stayed and quite happily eaten pizza for a much longer period. The taste of fresh tomatoes and basil was a daily occurrence, and I loved it! The fresh gelato was also a delight.

I have never seen so many masquerade masks in my life: there was a sea of feathered faces on each shop wall. Beautiful, traditional dress was often displayed in shop windows. Not to mention the handbag shops: don’t get me started! There was shelves upon shelves of leather handbags of all different shapes, styles, and colours. Dreamy much!

One of my favourite things to do of an evening was to sit in St Mark’s Square and listen to the Jazz music. There was a real Titanic vibe about it. Of an evening, water flooded the floors of St Mark’s Square, possibly because of the water displacement. Everywhere you looked there was light, the reflection of yellow glowing spots in the water was enchanting.

One activity which we did was take a trip up to the top of the clock tower in St Mark’s Square. I would highly recommend this! The view is incredible and surprisingly, it wasn’t that busy. Looking down on the city of Venice was a different experience to being at ground level. From the tower, the canals are barely visible and there is a sea of red roofs. You can watch the busy boat schedule commence and people watch the tourists in St Mark’s Square.

The isle of Murano was on our schedule also. The island is famous for its beautiful glass. Watching how glass is sculpted and blown was an amazing experience too. I bought a beautiful glass pendant bracelet which reminded me of the current Dolce and Gabanna style, I couldn’t leave it in the shop! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Venice and I will definitely go back. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking a trip!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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