DIY: Christmas Foliage Candle Holder

Christmas is fast approaching! As Christmas is an excuse to be arty I thought I would dive right in. Browsing through Pinterest, I discovered I was drawn to natural, real green foliage and berries as decoration. So, naturally, I thought I’d give it a go. 

I set upon making a candle holder which is made of holly, berries, and other leaves which I took snipets of from my Grandma’s garden. I played around with the arrangement and I am pleasantly surprised at the end result.

What you will need:

A small empty crate/ wooden pallet

Lots of leafy greens and berries from the garden


A roll of wired garden string

A roll of string

A Candle

How to:

Firstly you will need to wrap your wired garden string around the edges of your wooden frame.

Now you will need to create a web of string  using the wired string which is already in place. This will hold your foliage in place.

Once you have a web which you can slot stems into, you can start adding your foliage. Leave a candle sized hole in the middle. Try to add larger piece nearer to the edge as it will fill it out more.

Keep adding more and more leaves until you are happy with the coverage. Once you are happy, you can add your candle into the middle of the crate. 

I added a couple of red ribbons to the crate to complement the berries. Now, you can now light your candle and indulge in the festiveness. I certainly am.

To keep your decoration looking fresh, I would recommend spritizing it with water everyday.

Thanks for reading 🙂
Copyright © 2016 Life in Izzy’s eyes All rights reserved.


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