Goodbye Blending Sponge, Hello Brushes!

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing the old ‘New year, new me’ cliche but I’m jumping the bandwagon! Usually, when applying my makeup, I’m the beauty blender’s number one fan. However, since seeing the hype over ‘toothbrush’ makeup brushes, I wanted to explore.


I purchased a set of these pretty brushes from ‘Neverland’ on Amazon. I didn’t want to buy an extortionately expensive set to start off with, so I went for a relatively cheap collection. I was a little hesitant at first about what these brushes would be like to use,given their funny angle. After trying these brushes out, I am pleasantly surprised. I’m now a self-confessed brush user and I’ve ditched the sponges.


One thing that I love about these brushes is they are so multifunctional. They make applying makeup so much easier.


Applying a few drops of oil onto the brush before blending my makeup helps with achieving flawless coverage. Originally, I wasn’t a fan of foundation brushes because I felt that whenever I applied foundation it was visible, if you know what I mean. These brushes totally eradicate this problem for me. The bristles are tightly packed and the angle of the brush helps to achieve this.


The best brushes are the small brushes; they assist in blending my concealer under my eyes effortlessly. No more sponging over my eyelids! Also, liquid eyeliner has become much easier to apply and we all know how tricky that is…

It could be argued that the beauty blender phase is passing now and the ‘toothbrush’ makeup brush phase is in full swing. If you have the chance, I would highly recommend investing in a set of these brushes. They have made my makeup routine so much easier.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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