DIY: Fringed Jeans

One of the hottest trends around is the fringed hem jean. Being on a budget, I decided I would make my own fringed jeans to save a little money. Upcycling clothes is a great way to salvage old items that was laying lifeless in your wardrobe. It also turns out that it is quite fun!

To create your own fringed hem jeans you will need an old pair of jeans. I chose high waisted skinny jeans because this is my preferred style. You will also need a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Next you will need to decide how short you want your jeans to be. Personally, I preferred to keep mine near full length. Using a ruler to keep an equal length helps. Measure how much material you would like to remove and cut in a straight line across the leg of the jean. Bear in mind that your jeans will be shorter because cutting the fringe will decrease the length.

Next, make small slices up the leg of the jean. Repeat this all the way around the hem on both legs.

The jeans I used were not 100% denim, so it was easy for me to make them look more rough by using my hands to pull out threads from the thin pieces. If your material is thicker, use scissors to make the fringe more ragged, if you like.

I am so pleased with how my jeans turned out! Finding ways to upcycle your old clothes and modify them to how you like is a great way of expressing your own style and creativity. It is such a fun task to undertake! 

Thanks for reading 🙂

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