Homemade Cleansing Face Mask

Face masks are a great way of picking up your skin. Theyre great for cleansing and polishing your face but sometimes, shop bought masks irritate my skin. I do believe that the natural way is the best way and most likely the cheapest!

The best ingredient for cleansing your skin is lemon. Lemon leaves your face feeling fresh and polished. I also used honey as it is a natural redness reliever so any blemishes on your face are likely to reduce. As an exfoliating agent I used green tea and sugar. Green tea contains anti-bacterial properties.


Half a lemon’s juice

1 green tea bag

1 tablespoon of sugar


Squeeze the lemon juice into a small dish. Now add the sugar and mix until the mixture is like a paste. Add the green tea bag contents into the mixture and continue to stir. 

You can apply the paste to your face with your fingers or a brush. It is however very sticky so be careful what you get the mixture on!

Apply the mask to the face but avoid the eye and lip areas as they will be sensitive to the ingredients.

Leave the paste on for 10-15 minutes until it dries and then scrub off. Your skin should be left feeling refreshed and clean!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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