March Skincare Favourites

Winter can be a harsh time for your skin. I find that, in particular, my skin can feel quite dry so I always make sure I stock up on moisture.

That is easier said than done though. You have to find the right products for your skin. Personally, my skin doesn’t really get oily so I tend to use more oil based moisturisers because they’re much lighter on my skin.

I have put together a list of my favourite skincare products for this month. Most of these products aren’t just March favourites, they’re ALL TIME favourites!

1. Origins GINZING Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer

Not only does this smell AMAZING, it also works wonders. I apply this moisturiser in the mornings after I’ve washed my face and it wakes me right up! It keeps my skin hydrated without feeling clammy, which I love. Although this product was slightly expensive, it has lasted me for months and proved itself to be a quality moisturiser.

2. Bio Oil PurCellin Oil

I first started using this product because my mum swears by it. She bought me a bottle and I’ve kept buying it since! I apply this oil in the evenings before I go to sleep and leave it on overnight. Bio Oil states that it contains a break through ingredient that helps with skin markings. I have a few small scars on my face as a result of being a clumsy child which I am hoping will reduce in visibility with the use of this product! Aside from this, it does a great job of hydrating my skin.

3. Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash

Stop what you are doing and buy this. Never have I ever found a better face wash than this. It cost me under £5 and keeps my face basically spot free! When it comes to my face I tend to use products with more natural ingredients, hence this face wash containing chamomile and zinc. I like using it when I wash my face before I go to sleep because it isn’t smelly and intrusive. It is also a great exfoliant which helps me cope with any potential dry skin!

4. Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Treatment Gel

Whenever I have a spot – thanks to Simple, that is now a more rare occurrence – I apply a little blob of this. It works wonders! It dries on the spot helps tackle it. It’s quite a cheap product (I think it was around £5) and it’s so easy to carry around. Whenever I am travelling I ensure I take this with me because who wants a spotty face on holiday right?!

I’m hoping to expand my skin care product collection because I think it’s so important to invest time, care and money into looking after your skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂

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